Thursday, April 25, 2013

Video: FarSync BERT Line Tester USB/PCIe operation, installation and features

Both the PCIe and USB based BERT devices are available on our site at FarSite FarSync Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) line quality tester devices, software and cables

Demonstration in the use, installation and features of the FarSync BERT Tester. It provides a comprehensive, simple to use, all in one, line testing utility for testing asynchronous and synchronous lines from your Laptop or PC. All the popular standard BERT test patterns can be selected; the test period can be controlled; real time error counters and full line test statistics are provided as well as support for user controlled error injection.

Lines with network interfaces RS232 (V.24), V.35, RS530 (EIA530), RS422, X.21 (V.11), and RS449 can be tested with line speeds ranging from 15 baud up to 2 Mbits/s or to over 10 Mbit/s for the PCIe dual port card version.

The FarSync Flex adapter is simply plugged into any of your Laptop's USB ports or a PCIe slot; select one of the cables provided to connect to the line to be tested; the BERT application can then be started and the line quality results are displayed in real time.

API access for LabVIEW or Windows applications enables the tests to be run, and the results obtained, programmatically.

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