Friday, October 17, 2008

CFMulti Issues Thread

CFMulti CompactFlash Type II to Eye-Fi™ + Multi-Card Adapter. This thread is for discussing issues with the CFMulti. Issues include, but aren't limited to: unsupported cameras, incompatibility issues, experiences, etc. Be sure to read the CFMulti FAQ before posting here.


pgroven said...

What does this statement mean exactly?
2 Clock Lines support for twin-card operation

Synchrotech said...

It refers the the capability of the CFMulti's on-board ASIC (chipset) to manage two SD/MMC slots using separate clocks for each. Listing this functionality is inappropriate for a single slot device like the CFMulti, so we've removed the line from our site in order to avoid future confusion. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to use the Eye-Fi X2 Pro card with the CFMulti adapter? I'd like to be able to shoot NEF from a Nikon D100, and I see that the CFMulti supports this camera, and the X2 Pro card supports RAW/NEF mode, but will the CFMulti and X2 Pro work together?

Synchrotech said...

We just answered this in an email with someone else the other day. Here is the transcript:

> No plans for it to work with the x2?

Designing the original version required a huge capital outlay for us, which was never recouped. Redesigning to work with the x2 isn't financially feasible for us.

> Would the Eye-Fi Pro 4GB Wireless SDHC Card work ok?

Honestly, we designed the unit to work with the original Eye-Fi card. End users have had mixed results with the other Eye-Fi models. Many people have gotten it to work with the non-x2 model you mention, while others have not. Our official stance is that the CFMulti is only supported with the original Eye-Fi card.

> And have you had any issues with the CFMulti and the Canon 350D/Digital Rebel XT at all?

Earlier Cannon models (20D, 30D, 40D, XTi) often worked with the earlier Eye-Fi cards in conjunction with the CFMulti. However, this doesn't seem to be the case any newer models or recent firmware updates.

When we first released the CFMulti, it was with the cooperation of Eye-Fi. While they never officially supported the product, they provided us with technical assistance designing it, and even featured it on this section of their site:

This is no longer the case. We've always wondered why they never designed a "pro" model based on the CompactFlash CF+ platform to cater to the DSLR market. Or, at the very least, partner with a company that would help bring such a product to market. Unfortunately, this never happened.

While the DLSR market is large, it doesn't seem to be large enough for companies to do this. We took that risk several years ago when we created the CFMulti, and it didn't pan out for us.