Monday, June 22, 2009

Elan Updates Java Software for USBscope50

1Gsps/75Mhz USB pen-style DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope)New for the 1Gsps/75Mhz USB pen-style DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope)

We have issued a new version of the Java software for the USBscope50, which includes some minor bug fixes.

It also has a "check for updates" feature under "help" in the menu, allowing a user who is connected to the internet to check easily whether a later version of the software has been released.  If a newer version is found, the software will offer to automatically download and install it.

We are now moving on to add the FFT function to the Java software, and expect this to be available around the end of June.

The new version is available from our website for download:

  • FFT support added.

  • FFT data points can be saved in a txt file.

  • When starting in demo mode message changed and Quit button added.

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