Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Qio Professional Universal Media Reader/Writer Wins 2010 NAB Best of Show Black Diamond Award

ATP ProMax SDHC 2.0 Class 6Sonnet's Qio Universal Media Reader/Writer was recently awarded 2010 Nation Association of Broadcasters Best of Show Black Diamond Award by DV Magazine. This recognition of a revolutionary device is much deserved, as the Qio has provided unparalleled capabilities for both in-studio or on-location applications of video ingestion. Qio is a boon for video professionals using Panasonic P2 and/or Sony/Sandisk SxS memory cards. Qio doesn't just provide slots for one or the other, or even one of each, it provides two slots for each! What's more is the Qio also includes two UDMA capable CompactFlash slots make it indispensable for professional still photographers. Qio also reads memory cards including SDHC using the included 21-in-1 Multimedia Memory Card. Qio reads SxS, P2, and UMDA CompactFlash at their maximum throughput, even when reading two cards at the same time! As if this functionality isn't enough, Qio (pronounced Cue-Eye-Oh) has a built in SATA RAID controller with four eSATA ports for use with a range of eSATA storage devices like Sonnet's Fusion F2 portable raids for on the go transfers between media.

Because the Qio attaches to computers via PCIe, directly on desktop computers, and via ExpressCard/34 on notebook computers, it doubles as a full fledged ExpressCard and PC Card/PC CardBus reader. As long as the drivers for a specific PC Card or ExpressCard are available for your operating system, Qio will let you deploy it with modern systems! You can enable swapping the Qio between desktop and notebook configurations by buying a Qio setup for either desktop or notebook and then purchase a spare Qio interface card for the other machine. Qio even includes a XLR 4-pin adapter cable can route battery power (from third party external batteries, sold separately) to the Qio plus attached Fusion F2's.

Qio Universal Media Read/Writer for P2 PC Card, SxS ExpressCard, and CompactFlash/SDHC + SATA

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