Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FarSync T4E+ Additional Features

FarSync T4E+ Additional Features
FarSite's T4E+ card differs from their standard T4E card in the following ways:

Manchester encoding is supporting up to 10 MBits/s where the clock for the data is taken from the incoming data line. This means separate clock lines are not required. Manchester encoding is a soft configurable alternative to NRZ.

Line termination is supported on all the balanced pair signals for X.21 (V.11), V.35, RS530 (EIA530, RS422) and RS449 (RS422 signalling) operation. The line termination resistors may be soft selected to be selected or deselected on a port by port basis. The addition of line termination resistors can be helpful in improving signal quality on long high speed lines.

For more information and links to datasheets on both devices see the Synchrotech product page.

F-FS4444 FarSync T4E PCI/PCI-X Sync/Async/Clock Communications Network Adapter 4 Port
F-FS4446 FarSync T4E+ PCI/PCI-X Sync/Async/Clock Comm. Network Adapter 4 Port + NRZ or Manchester encoding

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