Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mount versatility for the Sonnet Transposer Universal 2.5" SSD or HDD to 3.5" drive tray adapter

Versatile Mounting Solution

Transposer adapts 7mm to 15mm 2.5" SSD drives to any 3.5" drive tray. Standard position mounting holes on the bottom of Transposer enable you to install an SSD drive into a Mac Pro hard drive carrier. Side mount position holes provide proper mounting positions for a a wide variety of drive trays, such as those used in Sonnet Fusion storage systems.

Versatile Mounting Solution

Mac Pro Hard Drive Carrier

With standard position bottom mounting holes, installation of Transposer into a Mac Pro's hard drive carrier is quick and easy.

Fusion Drive Tray

Transposer's side position mouting holes provide the security and convenience of installing 2.5" SSD drives in 3.5" drive trays.

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