Monday, November 4, 2013

CryptoMate64 USB Portable Cryptographic Token

CryptoMate64 is a lightweight USB token that provides a strong authentication solution. With a weight of only 6g, it is the most secure and portable cryptographic USB token in the market. CryptoMate64 enables digital signatures, email encryption, online payments, Windows log-on and other Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications. With the help of a smart card mini-driver that is automatically downloaded once the device is plugged into the PC, the Cryptomate 64 can easily be used for secure and efficient operations in Windows environments.
Cryptomate64 has a built-in ACOS5-64 Smart Card chip where all cryptographic operations, such as RSA (up to 4096bits), SHA-1, SHA-256, AES-128/192/256 and 3K 3DES, are performed, rather than in the PC or terminal, This ensures that all sensitive credentials protected by cryptographic keys cannot be hacked or sniffed. This allows ultimate security to be achieved.

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