Tuesday, September 16, 2014

E1 version added! FarLinX X.25 Gateway X.25 to XOT and X.25 to TCP/IP Appliance L/HCG

E1 version added! FarLinX X.25 Gateway X.25 to XOT and X.25 to TCP/IP Appliance L/HCG

The FL2611N uses an E1 link (RJ48) as opposed to older style serial cables that the rest of the FL26** family deploys. This makes it suitable for installations requiring E1 connectivity.

The FarLinX X25 Gateway product range is the third generation of X.25 Gateway products from FarSite, providing a very flexible powerful gateway for your X.25 migration needs at a very affordable cost. It incorporates all the popular features of the previous product ranges with an improved browser interface and new comprehensive set of online statistics, connection logging and status change alert functions to put you in control. The condition of the Gateway can be monitored from a browser with current line status, real time line and data statistics and real time active user activity available. There are also daily activity logs with a selectable level of detail, automatically archived on a daily basis. The SNMP support can provide alerts for a number of different conditions including critical events such as line down and line up. Dual Gateway support is available such that 2 Gateways can share a common IP address to provide automatic switch over support for a range of conditions including X.25 line down and Gateway failure. Any such failures and switchover events will generate SNMP alerts so the network operator can instantly know what's happened.

The product can support protocols when the X.25 Host system treats the incoming X.25 data as a character stream. It can also convert the data when a header is used to describe the message payload within the TCP connections and remove this header on the X.25 virtual circuits. Data types supported include: RFC1006, Cisco RBP and special character delimiting. Dynamic routing is supported where the Client TCP application determines the X.25 address and call parameters used at the time the connection is established. XOT is supported so that the X.25 network can run over the top of an IP network. The Gateway can provide connectivity to several different Host systems at the same time with each can have different data conversion configurations. This Gateway can be used in conjunction with ISODE's X.400 Server's to provide X.400 messaging over X.25.

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