Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New: Datavideo TC-200 Title Creator

Datavideo TC-200 Title Creator

Datavideo TC-200 Title Creator

The TC-200 is a small title creation box that accepts an HDMI signal from a laptop computer and can either downstream or upstream key. The TC-200 is equipped with a free basic CG software called CG-200, which is capable of creating lower thirds, text crawls, and scrolls. Datavideo offers a variety of CG software for all levels so if more features are necessary CG-250, CG-300, CG-350, or CG-500 can be purchased in addition to use with the TC-200.

The combination of the TC-200 overlay unit and CG-200 brings broadcast-quality live titling to the laptop. Users can now create beautiful motion graphics in real- time without the need for a dedicated workstation -- it's a significant breakthrough. The TC-200 works as a DSK and offers Key and Fill signals to your HD switcher (720p or 1080i). Connected to your laptop via an HDMI cable, either the CG-200 starter software or the CG-300/350 full-featured software may be used. The TC-200 is packaged in the same rugged aluminum extrusion housing used for our DAC Converters. It can go anywhere your laptop goes.


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